High quality ABB AO523 Analog Output Module in stock with good price for you.

High quality ABB AO523 Analog Output Module in stock with good price for you.

Model: AO523, 1SAP250200R0001

Supplier: HKXYTECH

Categories: PLC Automation

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Chinese supplier for ABB AO523 Analog Output Module, products in stock now. Do you want order ABB AO523 module?

ABB AO523 Analog Output Module

Product summary for AC500 S500 I/O modules.

ABB AI523 1SAP250300R0001, ABB AI523:S500,Analog In.Mod.16AI,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire

ABB AI531 1SAP250600R0001, ABB AI531:S500,Analog Inp.Module 8AI,U/I/RTD Thermocoupler J,K,T,N,S,15bit+sign 24VDC,2/4-wire

ABB AO523 1SAP250200R0001, ABB AO523:S500,Analog Output Mod.16AO,U/I 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire

ABB AX521 1SAP250100R0001, ABB AX521:S500,Analog I/O.Mod.4AI/4AO,U/I/RT 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire

ABB AX522 1SAP250000R0001, ABB AX522:S500,Analog I/O.Mod.8AI/8AO,U/I/RT 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire

ABB CD522 1SAP260300R0001, ABB CD522:S500,2xEncoder Module,2xPWM Outputs 6DI-Sensor/10DI/10DO,24VDC,DI-sensor.:5/24 VDC-2-wire,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0,5A-1-wire

ABB DA501 1SAP250700R0001, ABB DA501:S500,Digital Analog I/O Module 16DI/4AI/2AO/8DC,24VDC,DI:24VDC DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD,12bit+sign,1-wire

ABB DC522 1SAP240600R0001, ABB DC522:S500,Digital Config.I/O.Mod.16DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire

ABB DC523 1SAP240500R0001, ABB DC523:S500,Digital Config.I/O.Mod.24DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire

ABB DC532 1SAP240100R0001, ABB DC532:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.16DI/16DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire

ABB DC541-CM 1SAP270000R0001, ABB DC541-CM:AC500,Digital Fast I/O.Mod.8DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DI524 1SAP240000R0001, ABB DI524:S500,Digital Input Module,32DI DI:24VDC,1-wire

ABB DO524 1SAP240700R0001, ABB DO524:S500,Digital Output Module 32DO, DO-Transistor:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DO526 1SAP240800R0001, ABB DO526:S500,Digital Output Module 8DO, DO-Transistor:24VDC/2A,1-wire

ABB DX522 1SAP245200R0001, ABB DX522:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.8DI/8DO-Relay DI:24VDC,DO-Relay:230VAC/3A,2/3-wire

ABB DX531 1SAP245000R0001, ABB DX531:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.8DI/4Rel.230V DI:115-230VAC,DO-Relay:230VAC/3A,2-wire

ABB TU515 1SAP212200R0001, ABB TU515:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,24VDC,Screw for DC I/O Modules

ABB TU516 1SAP212000R0001, ABB TU516:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,24VDC,Sprin for DC I/O Modules

ABB TU531 1SAP217200R0001, ABB TU531:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC screw, for AC or Relay Modules

ABB TU532 1SAP217000R0001, ABB TU532:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC,Spri for AC or Relay Modules

ABB TU532-H 1SAP215100R0001, ABB TU532-H:S500,I/O Terminal Unit, 230VAC, Spring, Hot Swap

ABB TU541 1SAP213000R0001, ABB TU541:S500,Terminal for high current module. Screw terminals,

ABB TU542 1SAP213200R0001, ABB TU542:S500,Terminal Unit, Spring, for high current modules

ABB TU542-H 1SAP215200R0001, ABB TU542-H:S500,Terminal Unit, Spring, for high current modules,Hot Swap

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