Original ABB AO561, AO561:S500,Analog Output Module.2AO U/I 12bit, 24VDC,2-wire in stock now.

Original ABB AO561, AO561:S500,Analog Output Module.2AO U/I 12bit, 24VDC,2-wire in stock now.

Model: AO561

Supplier: HKXYTECH

Categories: PLC Automation

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Original and brand new ABB AO561, AO561:S500,Analog Output Module in stock with competitive price.


More hot sale models for ABB AC500-eCo - S500-eCo I/O modules as below for your reference.

ABB AI561, AI561:S500,Analog Input Mod.4AI,U/I 12bit+sign,24VDC,2-wire

ABB AI562, AI562:S500,Analog Input Mod.2AI,RTD 15bit+sign,24VDC,2-wire

ABB AI563, AI563:S500,Analog In.Mod.4AI,Thermocoupl S,T,R,E,N,K,J 15bit+sign,24VDC,2-wire

ABB AO561, AO561:S500,Analog Output Mod.2AO U/I 12bit,24VDC,2-wire

ABB AX561, AX561:S500,Analog IO.Mod.4AI/2AO U/I 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2-wire in, 1-wire out

ABB DC561, DC561:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.16DC Interfas DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.1A, HE10 conn.,1-wire Interfast

ABB DC562, DC562:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.16DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DI561, DI561:S500,Digital Input Mod.8DI 24VDC DI:24VDC,Sink/source,1-wire

ABB DI571, DI571:S500,Digital Input Mod.8DI 230VAC DI:115-230VAC,2-wire

ABB DI572, DI572:S500,Digital Input Mod.16DI 240VAC DI:100-240VAC,1-wire

ABB DO561, DO561:S500,Digital Out.Mod.8DO-Transisto DO-Transistor:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DO562, DO562:S500,Digital Out.Mod.16DO-TDO-Transistor:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DO571, DO571:S500,Digital Out.Mod.8DO-Relay DO-Relay:120/240VAC/2A,1-wire

ABB DO572, DO572:S500,Digital Out.Mod.8DO-Triac DO-Triac:115-230VAC/0.3A,2-wire

ABB DO573, DO573:S500,Digital Out.Mod.16DO-Relay:230VAC/2A,1-wire

ABB DX561, DX561:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.8DI/8DO-Trans DI:24VDC,sink/source DO-Transistor:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire

ABB DX571, DX571:S500,Digital I/O.Mod.8DI/8DO-Relay DI:24VDC sink/source DO-Relay:120/240 VAC 2A,1-wireABB FM562, FM562 Pulse Train Output Module for Positioning. 2-Axis. RS422 pulse outputs. Max. frequency 250 kHz. 24VDC supply voltage. 

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