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New arrival ABB DHH805A HART Handheld Communicator. Want order ABB DHH805A now?

News April 17, 2020

High quality ABB DHH805A HART Handheld Communicator with ABB factory new packing for your reference.

ABB DHH805A HART Handheld Communicator product description:

As a full function HART® communicator, the DHH805 supports Universal, Common Practice, and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations. 

The DHH805 provides a full view of device information in a 6 line easy to read display, allowing up to 100 hours of continuous use before recharging.

Standard equipment are anti-static field bag, rechargeable battery pack, additional AA cell spare battery pack, USB connector and multiple intrinsic safety certifications for use in Hazardous areas. All of these components are provided in a robust case for transportation and storage.

Why choose the ABB DHH805 over other brands?

- Fast Power On – 10 Seconds 

- Backlight display allows you to work even in remote areas

- Forget expensive license renewal !-- DHH805 works with HART® DDs that you can download free of charge directly from the HART-Foundation website.

- 2 GB SD memory will allow you to store as many HART® DDs as needed (up to 1000) along with 200 separate device configuration files.

• The base version of the DHH805 permits a comprehensive management at generic HART command level of every HART device from every manufacturer and at device specific commands level for ABB HART® instruments including:

- 2600T, 600T, 2000T, and AS800 series pressure transmitters


Good quality ABB DHH805A HART Handheld Communicator, in stock ABB DHH805A at our warehouse.

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